New to Twitter? Understand the Lingo and Make it Work for You

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used today. Twitter allows users to send messages to online followers using only 140 characters or less with each message. If you are new to Twitter, it is important to understand lingo used on the site to take full advantage of the network’s features. When you understand the Twitter lingo that is used in everyday news and media, you can make it work for your own blog or site, regardless of what you want to share with others.


The word “Tweet” is now used in everyday news, whether you are watching it on television or catching up with the latest headlines online. To send a “Tweet” is to make an update within your Twitter. “Tweeting” is the verb form of the noun “Tweet”, which means you are actively sending updates to your Twitter account.


Hashtags are commonly described as the “#” symbol online using different social media outlets. When a “#” is used before a keyword or phrase, it helps others to quickly search for a topic to find the information they are seeking out. Using “#” hashtags within your Twitter can get you involved in any type of conversation you are interested in or various trending topics that are current in the world of Twitter.

“@” Symbols

When you use Twitter, implementing the “@” symbol is a way to send a direct tweet to another Twitter user. Placing the “@” symbol directly before a username will send them a notification and allow you to start having a conversation with one another. You can also send specific messages to multiple users in one tweet with the “@” symbol followed by each username individually.

Understanding how to make Twitter work for you can be extremely beneficial whether you are promoting a personal blog or a corporate site.


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